Barbara Moller
Co-Founder & President, Voices for Global Change
Founder, Paper to Pearls

Barbara speaks on micro-enterprise, public policy, and media related issues to a variety of professional organizations including not-for- profits, academic
institutions and national/international advocacy groups.

Her experience includes an extensive background in international communications and sensitized communications/media relations training with divergent audiences attempting to forge working relationships.

Barbara Moller.jpg

Based on her work with Voices for Global Change and Paper to Pearls, she gives
form and substance to the realities of leadership and community development
and, most particularly, to the requirements of successful entrepreneurial
enterprise in developing and transitional countries.

Barbara Moller is a wonderful, engaging speaker who grabs the audience’s attention with her knowledge and approach to life – especially for those interested in how to use their talents and blessings to help others. I had the pleasure of speaking with her to a group of women that were looking for answers that all women search for – how to balance work and family, how to get ahead at the office, and how to do good work on behalf of others. I watched the audience while Barbara was speaking – many women nodded their heads and were obviously appreciative of her candor, advice, and approachable tone. And then I found I was doing the same thing! I highly recommend Barbara for speaking opportunities for all types of audiences.
— Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary

Paper to Pearls founder, Barbara Moller, relays an amazing message. With a fantastic background in media, and many years of exposure to the realities of conflict regions, Barbara provides vital information and shares informed opinions about the measures necessary to resolve key problems. It is an honor to learn from Barbara, as her compassion and ability to eloquently describe the needs of people living in poverty in conflict and post- conflict areas and ways to help them transform their lives is inspiring.
— Elizabeth Matthews, Founder, Pocket Change for Global Change, Inc.

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