Update for BVI Volunteers

Day 19 after Irma

Thanks to you, we reached a milestone this week with our 500th volunteer! You are all AMAZING!

We've expanded the number of teams to 21, adding Commercial Divers and breaking out PR/Media from Communications.

Our Medical team has more than doubled and is now just under 100 trained health care professionals and EMTs. We continue to provide udpated lists to Dr. Georges at Peebles Hospital for him to schedule.

Our Supply Coordination, Supply Delivery, Captains/Crew, Evacuations, and Fundraising teams have been contacted by their team leaders and they are at work coordinating their efforts from outside the BVI.

If you haven't received an email from your team leader yet, it means we are still putting the leadership in place for that team (check your spam filters, too). Everyone has been assigned to a team -- we are working down the list of 21 teams in order of urgency. Rest assured, you will be hearing from a team leader soon!

We've received a lot of questions about when volunteers will be able to go to the BVI. As of today, the only people being granted clearance are military, medical personnel, and trained first responders.

Please understand, the government is doing everything they can to provide the security and stability needed before civilians can return. However, the magnitude of this disaster is unprecedented.... Click the link below to read more: