In the work that we do, we observe the deep disparities that exist in the developing world, and the needs of those who have been excluded from having a voice in the social, governmental, and economic life of their countries. Establishing VFGC was, therefore a calling—a means for applying our professional experience and understanding in service to those who can most benefit, through projects that we mutually define and develop.


barabara moller, president

Barbara has worked with numerous governmental, non-profit and private organizations designing and implementing communications products and services for broad international audiences. Throughout a 25-year media career, she has worked in a variety of international settings and is recognized for her innovative approach to message development, one that is culturally appropriate and that stresses understanding and shared values.

Barbara’s particular area of expertise is Latin America, where she developed
radio and television programming that was the first of its kind. For Voices for
Global Change she worked in Northern Uganda as one of a team of trainers who
built a coalition among local government officials and other community leaders to
enable them to lobby and advocate for the recognition and services so needed in
that marginalized region of the country. She then went on to establish Voices’
Ugandan micro-enterprise project, Paper to Pearls.


lance marston, secretary

Lance has more than 45 years of professional experience in economic development and public-sector governance projects and in the private sector.

For 15 years, as an executive with IMCC, a consulting firm in Washington, DC, he provided project management services on international projects involving WTO accession in Central Asian countries; micro and small enterprise development in South Africa, Swaziland, Morocco and 10-island countries of the South Pacific; a long-term national income and statistical policy initiative in Egypt; customs reform project in Bosnia; and a variety of export and trade/investment projects involving micro and small entrepreneurs.

Ed's photo3SM.jpg

ed winders, ph.d., treasurer

Ed is a recognized public policy expert, focusing on legislative reform, political party and civil society development, leadership capability and strategic planning. His comprehensive training expertise ranges from working with provincial and municipal officials in Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa in leadership and political party development to training opposition political party leaders in Indonesia in 1999, in preparation for the first free general elections in that country in 32 years.

In 2005, as President of Transnational Public Policy Advisors, LLC, Ed was
the lead specialist in US State Department funded capacity building program
among the leadership of Northern Uganda. One goal of the program was to
develop the skills local government and community leaders needed to obtain
increased funds and services from that country’s national government for the
worn-torn area of the country.


in memoriam
Ron Abney, vice-president

Ron was considered by most international democracy institutions to be one of the leading experts in civil society and political party development. His work has been praised by the United Nations, especially during the 1993 elections in Cambodia, where he developed and implemented programs to assist community groups and political parties in that war torn country as it prepared for its first democratically organized elections.

Ron spent almost eleven years in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East, in an effort to bring democracy to some of the most historically troubled areas in the world.